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Tora - Steven Universe Gemstone by FlareKage
Tora - Steven Universe Gemstone
**So I recently got into Steven Universe...Its an amazing show, especially being on Cartoon Network. I just had to make my own gemstone character/gemsona. After researching quite a bit, I saw that there were MANY Tiger's Eye gemsonas out there. I made Tora unknowingly that there were other Tiger's Eye gemsonas. Tora is Japanese for Tiger, so a befitting name. **

Name: Tora 
Birthplace: Mars (in a Kindergarden)
Origin: Nami City (Located in Steven Universe's version of Japan/East Asia)
Likes: Justice, Egg Omelets, Equality
Dislikes: Evil, Snow, Mustard
    Born in a Kindergarden on Mars, Tora was raised like every other Martian gemstone; Tough, unwavering, and strong willed. Tora came to befriend Yu and Chi. After going through rigorous Martian-Gemstone training, Tora and his two new comrades were sent to be deployed on Jupiter. However, a slight error occurred during the warp and the three Martians ended up on Earth. They discovered a bustling city called Nami City. Confused and dazed by their dimensional trip, Tora and his friends passed out. Several hours later, Tora awoke in a small house next to the beach. Surprised, Tora jumped out of the futon and dashed to look for his friends.

    He found Yu and Chi sitting with two elderly humans. Finding them a threat, Tora took out his lance and pointed it towards the humans. Yu and Chi defended the humans, as they had given them shelter. Trusting the instincts of his friends, Tora put back his lance. The martians came to know the humans. The two elderly humans were a married couple, named Taro and Misato Fuhoshita. The Fuhoshitas were rice farmers and lived on the outskirts of Nami City. The three martians decided to stay at the Fuhoshitas until they could contact the Martian higher ups again. Tora, Yu, and Chi helped around the farm, doing any chore to repay the couple for their kindness. 

    One day, a signal came from Mars and got Tora's attention. A Martian general named Kaino was coming to take the three back to Mars. Tora alerted the others and readied himself for the general's arrival. Kaino suddenly appeared in the Fuhoshitas rice fields. Taro was picking some rice grains when he looked up and saw Kaino. Kaino, disgusted with the human's presence, blasted a beam at Taro. The three heard the attack and rushed outside. Yu and Chi attended to the injured Taro as Tora faced Kaino. "What a pitiful planet this earth is. Weaklings all over. This man's power is smaller than a Martian fly" declared General Kaino. "Lets just go home General. Let these humans be" said Tora. Kaino quickly glared at Tora. "Who are you to get in the way of my fun? You are but a lowly gem." announced Kaino. Kaino raised his hand at Taro for another beamshot. As the beam spurted out, Tora swiftly broke the direction of Kaino's blast. The beam spurred in the other direction and blew up a boulder into pieces. "How dare you raise your hand against a General!" Kaino yelled. 

Kaino drawed his weapon and swung it towards Tora. Tora released his lance and went through Kaino. Tora's lance impaled Kaino and Kaino's gem was severely damaged. Knowing the danger of the situation, Kaino retreated and started to warp. "I'll see to it that this planet is squashed. You haven't heard the last of me" Kaino phrased. The general warped out of Earth. Tora quickly came to Taro's side. "Are you ok, old man?" Tora solemnly said. Taro was not in good shape. Misato called the ambulance to rush her husband to the hospital. Tora, Yu, and Chi realized their love for the Fuhoshitas and Earth. Tora wanted to protect his new "home" and asked his comrades for their approval. Yu and Chi agreed with their fearless leader. Tora swore to defend Earth and the people that lived in it. 


FlareKage's Profile Picture
United States
An artist with a hunger of learning and living. Draws pretty much anything that I am inspired by. Loves anime, manga, video games, basketball...drawing lol.

Based in Arizona :D

Occasional cosplayer, Amateur photographer, Mediocre chef. I also like playing guitar and singing!
  • Mood: Content
  • Listening to: Today - Smashing Pumpkins
  • Reading: Art of War - Sun Tzu
  • Watching: Kill La Kill
  • Playing: Hearthstone
  • Eating: BURGER
  • Drinking: COLD WATER
Welp. My last DA journal was Oct 2012....TWO YEARS AGO. Mostly every journal has been "Hey guys I'm back" but I guess for right now it's real. 

How's everyone been? 2 Christmases and 2 New Years has passed already! Damnnnnnnnnnnnn. 

Updates on my life:
- I'm in my second semester of college. Woop. 
- I draw digitally a lot now. Starting to improve my art work and make it clean as possible.
- I play ALOT of League of Legends. I main support and jungle. Hit me up if you want to play sometime (my username is the same-flarekage)
- I moved. Twice. I live in a house now. Previous living spaces have been apartments. 

As always, commissions are open and I am raring to go! I'm pretty booked with college but I do draw a lot.
I will try to update my DA as much as possible. I have been submitting a bunch of deviations but have been pretty quiet until now.

I will update my journal weekly or biweekly. Whatever I feel or have time for. If you don't hear from me, expect new deviations nonetheless. 

Well 'til next time my fellow artists. I am really back now. Promise.

Adios, Flarekage.

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