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Arigatou, UZUMAKI NARUTO! by FlareKage

I think I posted a while ago that Naruto ended but I didn't say a proper farewell.

Naruto was my most favorite anime growing up (besides Pokemon, Sailor Moon etc). To most, it was just a cartoon. To me, it was a whole other world. Naruto led me to make numerous friends..who were different like me.

We were engrossed in the world of ninjas, ninjutsu, swords, and action. We pretended we were those ninjas at recess. We didn't care if other 7th graders were too old for Naruto or anime. We loved it.

Naruto introduced me to the wider ranges of anime. Because of Naruto, I was introduced into the world of anime conventions and cosplay. Naruto even inspired me to draw and become a comic/manga artist.

Yeah...these statements may seem a little weird...but they are true.

In some weird way, liking Naruto shaped me into the person I am today. 
So i created this piece in honor of that manga/anime series.

Now, we may look at Naruto as some silly shonen manga. But to me, Naruto was a huge impact on my life as a kid...even now.

Thank you Naruto!
And Masashi Kishimoto for creating such a wonderful series!



FlareKage's Profile Picture
United States
An artist with a hunger of learning and living. Draws pretty much anything that I am inspired by. Loves anime, manga, video games, basketball...drawing lol.

Based in Arizona :D

Occasional cosplayer, Amateur photographer, Mediocre chef. I also like playing guitar and singing!
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Welp. My last DA journal was Oct 2012....TWO YEARS AGO. Mostly every journal has been "Hey guys I'm back" but I guess for right now it's real. 

How's everyone been? 2 Christmases and 2 New Years has passed already! Damnnnnnnnnnnnn. 

Updates on my life:
- I'm in my second semester of college. Woop. 
- I draw digitally a lot now. Starting to improve my art work and make it clean as possible.
- I play ALOT of League of Legends. I main support and jungle. Hit me up if you want to play sometime (my username is the same-flarekage)
- I moved. Twice. I live in a house now. Previous living spaces have been apartments. 

As always, commissions are open and I am raring to go! I'm pretty booked with college but I do draw a lot.
I will try to update my DA as much as possible. I have been submitting a bunch of deviations but have been pretty quiet until now.

I will update my journal weekly or biweekly. Whatever I feel or have time for. If you don't hear from me, expect new deviations nonetheless. 

Well 'til next time my fellow artists. I am really back now. Promise.

Adios, Flarekage.

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